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If your car was to get involved in an accident sustains such extensive damage that it is no longer operable, sometimes the only way to get it off the road and somewhere it can be serviced is with a flatbed towing truck. If something like this has happened to you, don’t panic, call our services today and we will send a solution fast as that. 


Why Hire A Flatbed Truck?

There are a few reasons a flatbed tow truck is the best option for your situation, the weight and make of your vehicle may make flatbed towing the best choice for you.  Vehicles transported in this manner have their wheels and tires secured in place and off the road, which has some additional advantages. 


Some owners of especially expensive or exotic automobiles will prefer the flat bed as it doesn’t put additional weight on any one end of the vehicle and does not keep the vehicle at a tilt while hauling it from here to there. This is the best way to transport high value car as it protects from all damage.


What is Wheel Lift Towing?

When you think of getting your car towed, what comes to mind? Many people will think of wheel lift towing in which either the front or rear wheels have been lifted off the ground. The towing vehicle will support one end of the vehicle while the other rolls on the road. This is a good way to transport a vehicle at moderate speeds and over short distances. Lightweight vehicles like vans and trucks can also be moved around like this. 


Then there are times that wheel lift towing is not the answer for specific vehicles or in specific conditions. In these cases the only other way to properly and effectively move a car from the road would be with a flatbed tow truck. Flat beds are designed to carry vehicles for longer distances, vehicles that have no wheels, larger vehicles that can’t be towed and costly vehicles that need all their wheels off the ground. 


Flatbed insurance towing

Flatbed towing for insurance partners is one of our high-priority assignments. Our insurance partners have full access to our emergency dispatching services and can have your request for a flatbed tow truck expedited to a high priority status. 

Union Towing Service manages a full fleet of flatbed tow trucks and provides long distance services and expert roadside recovery. We are just a phone call away and you can have the service you need as fast as you need it.

Call Now: 908-264-5966

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