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For all your off-road vehicle recovery needs.

We are Union Towing Service, are not your average one-trick pony catering only to SUVs stuck in a suburban ditch. On the contrary, our services bravely go high and low and even into the back country where most tow trucks can’t operate effectively. 


4X4 adventures are an exciting pastimes with a growing crowd of adventurous enthusiasts. And if vehicles are heading out into the open spaces, that means they are going to run into some sort of issue eventually –– an issue that our reputable towing services can address with expertise. When these things do happen, you can count on our services to be there to provide service no matter the time of day or night. 


Don’t stay stuck in the mud.

4X4 vehicles can be great fun, but once they get stuck in a ditch or incapacitated in any other way, then suddenly the trip takes different turn. This is when Union Towing Service will ride out in the heat of the day or the dark of the night and provide a solution for your precise location just give us a call and we will send our experienced 4X4 towing team out to your remote location and pull your wagon from the deepest pit. Don’t leave your vehicle stuck in the mud or snow call us up today and get back on your way.

Call Now: 908-264-5966

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