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Few things are as annoying and inconvenient as a car battery dying on you. It always seems to happen at the worst possible times. You hop into your car for a hasty errand or on your way to an appointment, and then suddenly nothing is working. You check your car and the battery is dead. In most of the cases, this could mean having to find a tow truck or a battery replacement. 


Fortunately, Union Towing Service is uniquely placed to help you. We will come to your location, drive to your car, and replace the dead battery no matter the location, throughout Union


Why Do You Want your Car Battery Replaced?

There are a number of specific situations where replacing your car battery makes a lot of sense. Some of these are outlined below:

  • The car won’t start: When your car refuses to start, the car battery could be the culprit. As it ages, the power it produces gets lower by the day. Once this power reaches a certain level, it’s too low or very difficult to start a car. 
  • Car’s electronic components won’t work: If a battery is failing and the power it produces drops, all of the electronic components in the car might fail to function properly. So, if the lights, stereo, and other electrically powered components are not functioning properly, you might need new battery. 
  • The battery warning sign is on: Most modern cars come with a warning light to signal when the battery needs to be replaced. If the charging system or the battery warning light is on at the dashboard, you most likely need a new battery. 
  • Bad odors: An internal short or damage to the battery can cause the battery to leak gas. If you’re hit with the smell of rotten eggs when you open the hood, you might have a leaking battery. 

Get your Battery Replaced By Professionals

Replace your failing battery with Union Towing Service in Union. We can replace a malfunctioning or dead battery in minutes, and we’ll drive to the location of your vehicle to make the replacement service as efficient and convenient as possible. So, whenever you need a battery placement, give us a call at 908-264-5966 and set up an appointment today.

Call Now: 908-264-5966

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